BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 128mb Orange

Item# da120-128mb-orange

Product Description

FEATURES- Joybee Personal MP120 MP3 Player- 128MB, Orange The BenQ Joybee 120 was specially created to allow you to express your unique individuality with a striking visual design and choice of three colors. It will add flair to your life! Includes Joybee unit, Stereo earphones, USB cable, Neck strap, Belt clip, Charger.* Ultra-mini enjoy-box Smaller than a matchbox, lighter than your favorite CD, the Joybee 120 is your stylish all-in-one personal companion. With the neck strap or belt-clip, carry it everywhere you go. * The Joybee 120 adds fun to your life The Joybee 120 can not only play music in the MP3 and WMA file formats, but also functions as an FM radio. With its six-equalizer presets (normal/rock/jazz/classical/pop/bass booster/treble booster), plus the Q-Music music editing software, let's you be your own DJ. * The Joybee 120 is practical The Joybee 120's unique segment-repeat playback mode (A-B) is just one convenient feature that makes the Joybee 120 not only fun, but also eminently practical. For example, you can repeat any portion of audio while learning a new language. * Joybee 120 increases efficiency The Joybee 120 also serves as a portable flash drive. Using the USB interface, you can copy important data from your PC so that it is available wherever you go. The integrated audio recorder lets you record up to 1000 minutes (for 256MB model) of sound, perfect for meetings; lectures; or audio notes. And the extra-long 15-hour battery life and convenient USB recharging option, free you from worries about running out of power while you are out on the road.* Joybee 120 is made for total enjoyment! The Joybee 120 provides a sharp, easily readable LCD screen with an eye- catching blue backlighting that makes it easy for you to enjoy the your digital lifestyle indoors or under the sun. Exclusive Joybee carry case lets you carry all your accessories with convenience and style. SPECIFICATIONs:CAPACITY- 128MB (FORMATTED CAPACITY MAY VARY)MINUTES OF AUDIO - 128 minutes (CD Quality) INTERFACE - USB 1.1FLASH DRIVE - Yes FM TUNER - YesFM RECORDING - YesVOICE RECORDING - Yes, 8-Hours AUDIO FORMAT - MP3, WMA, WAVEQUALIZER - 7 Modes e-BOOK READER - NoLINE-IN - No SONG TITLE - Yes SEGMENT REPEAT - (A -> B) Yes LCD DISPLAY - Yes O/S SUPPORT - Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XPPOWER- Battery Type: Li-On Rechargeable through USB Battery Life: 16-Hours SIZE - 2.2"w x 1.5" x 0.4" WT.- 0.85 oz w/o battery